Argyll is perhaps one of the most prestigious counties in Scotland. Lying close to the famed Loch Lomond National Park, Agryll has many accommodations that are family friendly as well as pet friendly. This historical county, being the founding county of Scotland, holds many attractions that are a true walk back in time. The majestic rolling hillsides, the lush green grasses, and the beautiful blug lagoons are all breathtaking, are an instant family favourite.

The Glasgow Airport is the main thoroughfare for transportation to and from the county, as it is 25 minutes away from the main attractions of the county. The Isle of Islay, which is in close proximity, is a visitor�s favourite. Moorings Hotel is a local hot spot, with many who are on their holiday staying in this quaint hotel. This hotel is known to be quite hospitable with its service, which makes for a fun holiday stay.

Argyll Fact: Argyll is the home for the Gaelic language, which is still a highly regarded language to this day.

Editor�s Pick: The Cowalfest, which is held every October, is a local favourite, as it celebrates the local arts. This makes for not only a fun holiday for the locals, but for traveling families, as it is also a pet friendly occasion.


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