Taking a tip to the Welch county of Anglesey will prove to be a fun time for all. With small islands that dot the Anglesey area, there are various accommodations that everyone can enjoy. Taking a tip to the Anglesey county can be a well planned holiday, with reservations made in advance as to avoid make sure that there is a room available once arrived.

The Amlwich Luxury Hotel is a great resort for those that are looking to stay in the Amlwich area. Many couples will choose to get married here, and have their honeymoon on the beautiful banks of the Anglesey shores at the Amlwich Luxury Hotel. The Garwen Hotel is another local and tourist favourite, as it is located on the Isle of Anglesey. Staying at this hotel will prove to be pleasurable, as there isn’t a bad view in site.

Anglesey Fact: Welsh is the dominant language on the island.

Editor’s Pick: The Anchorage Hotel Valley is known as a very small resort that lies on the countryside of the Anglesey county. Those that are into romantic fields of flowers and sipping the finest of wines at a candle lit dinner will enjoy the accommodations of this fine hotel.


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